DAY 1: (After transfer from Arusha to Marangu park gate) Marangu Gate To Mandara Huts

Mandara Huts: 7km

Ascend: 7000m

Descend: 0m

Walking Time: 4-5 hours

The path begins at 1980m and ascends through a section of forest. From Mandara Huts, 2,720 m, you can visit Maundi Crater (one hour return) for good views to the main peaks of Kibo and Mawenzi.

DAY 2: Mandara Huts To Horombo Huts

Horombo Huts: 11km

Ascend: 1,000m

Descend: 0m

Walking Time: 5-6 hours

(After breakfast) Two roughly parallel paths run through the forest and then a zone of giant heather, meeting near the start of open moorland. The terrain is undulating and steep in places, but the paths are easy to follow to Horombo huts. 3,720m. (a good place to spend an extra day for acclimatization for 6 day Climbers)

DAY 3: Horombo Huts To Kibo Huts

Kibo Huts: 10km

Ascend: 1,000m

Descend: 0m

Walking Time: 5-6 hours

The path divides after Horombo with the more popular one to the west. After the landmark last water point and crossing the saddle, it joins with the steeper and rougher eastern path at Jiwe la Ukoyo (Pointed Rock) from where it’s one hour to Kibo Huts. 4700m.

DAY 4: Kibo Huts To Uhuru Peak and Descend To Kibo Hut

Uhuru Peak: 5km

Ascend: 1,200m

Descend: 2,200m

Walking Time: 6-7 hours

From Kibo Huts the path zigzags up a scree slope to Hans Mayer cave (5,182m) where it becomes steeper and decidedly a slog. From Gillman’s Point (5,685m) it is another 2 hrs along the edge of the crater rim to Uhuru peak, Africa’s highest point. It is usual to start this stage – the most strenuous – shortly after midnight so as to see the sunrise from the crater rim.

The return from Uhuru to Gillman’s takes about 1 hour and another easy two hours or less from there to Kibo huts. From Kibo to Horombo is two to three hours.

DAY 5: Horombo Huts To Marangu Gate

Marangu Gate: 18km

Ascend: 0m

Descend: 1,900m

Walking Time: 5-6 hours

The final day retraces the route to Marangu gate with the Mandara huts at about halfway. After finalizing the signing out procedure at the gate, it is time to transfer to Arusha/Moshi town for a hot shower.