Zanzibar magical island tours and travel holidays
Zanzibar, an island for the explorer, the adventurer and the romantic. Laze on the beach or venture into its heart and get lost in the narrow alleyways of Stone Town. Hear the chatter of the locals as they bargain in Ki Swahili. Smell the peculiar odour of an ancient town mixed with the aroma of freshly ground spices. Feel the rhythm of life in the markets. Taste its offerings, the 1000 year old town that has not changed for the last 200 years.

The Zanzibar Island Experience
Lying off the coast of Tanzania +/- 80 km north of Dar Es Salaam, Zanzibar is one of the undiscovered travel and holidays jewels on the African coast. White, powdery beaches lined with giant coconut palms swaying in the breeze. Azure blue seas beckoning in the distance. MAGIC. However those who expect something like Mauritius or the Comores will be in for a surprise. Not yet on the same level of development, Zanzibar Island attracts the more adventurous traveller. Yet Zanzibar Island with its mix of un-spoilt beaches, aquamarine, warm seas, incredible culture and interesting history, makes it the ideal tours, travel or holidays destination, but it will not be a secret for much longer.

Scuba Diving Tours on Zanzibar Island
The island of ZANZIBAR brings images of idyllic tropical diving tours and beach holidays to mind. It has for many years been a favourite diving holiday and travel destination for those in the know, but has only recently become known as a superb diving destination. The Zanzibar Island diving reefs are in general shallow with clean and calm water. The coral is mostly unspoiled and teems with large numbers of tropical marine inhabitants.

The Zanzibar Island diving reefs are in general shallow with clean and calm water and the dive sites are many, varied and suitable for all levels of experience. The coral is mostly